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Well, Now We Know What the Trump Republican Party Stands for, and It's Definitely not Democracy

مصطفي رفاعي الدقيشي

Jan. 31, 2020

Although we had plenty of evidence during the first three years of Trumps term, I think that many of us thought that the Jury was still out on the support for Donald Trump by the Republican Party! Certainly there are those that will say that they knew from day one what was coming. I am one of those, but at the same time I always held out a very small amount of hope that there would be a sufficient number of Republicans that would stand-up to protect our democracy. Those that would believe it is not worth sacrificing in defense of an immoral, uncompassionate, pathological liar, and extreme narcissist. I (we) were wrong! Trump supporters have chosen fascism over our Democracy.
Many people believe, but do not understand the anger that is present in so many of Trump’s supporters. Michael Steele commented yesterday that even after Trump’s election, that anger did not go away. He further stated that the Democrats better figure-out how to come to terms with it if they hope to defeat Trump. These are Republicans that felt they were lied to by the elite in their own party and turned against much of their long held ideology. It is also clear to me that many are racists and bigots, which calls into question the ability of Democrats to ever reconcile their differences with that group.
What I find so astonishing is that while most of these Republicans felt that the elite Democrats and many in their own Party had failed them, they would believe that this seriously flawed, self-centered President genuinely has their best interests at heart? So I have to suppose that their anger remains, because they see no better alternative. Yes, many believe some of the bullshit lies that Trump feeds them, but I think many do not. Donald Trump is simply a means to continue to thumb their noses at the establishment elites. They have given-up on our democracy and believe that it failed them. So they’ll show you! Thing is; Trump also has a lot of uninformed and ill informed supporters that know nothing except what they hear on Fox News Channel. They will not likely ever be won over by anyone besides Trump. It is some in the former group that are not tied that closely to Trump. Those who do not believe Trump’s lies and are simply angry at the establishment for being left behind. They can be won over by the right Democratic Candidate. I believe that  the “right” candidate is Bernie Sanders. Why? He can give some of the Trump Supporters what they want. Those that are not strictly aligned with one party. If they vote for Bernie they can continue to thumb their nose at the establishment while supporting a candidate that promises to make monumental change to their benefit. A candidate that they will believe they can trust. One that exudes decency. He is a populist candidate that offers real help for those that have been left behind. For those who have been struggling under a government that offered them little to nothing. They voted for Trump, but they are not crazy about his behavior and they see his flaws. However, they will not vote for an establishment candidate like Joe Biden. He just offers more of the same. The very reason they voted for Trump in the first place. Of course, Bernie promises to bring additional voters out of the woodwork. Some that have never voted before. Some that stayed home in 2016. You can be assured that every Democrat will give Bernie their vote even if they have to hold their noses. It is important to know that it won’t be necessary to peel-off a large number of Trump voters. Bernie can win without them, but a small number abandoning Trump will give Bernie a very convincing victory that clearly refutes Trumpism. To sum up; Bernie is the best alternative to Donald Trump. Certainly, Trump will attack Bernie as a Socialist. I don’t see it as an issue or a problem and in fact, it will likely provide more support for Bernie from those that are anti-establishment and currently thumbing their nose at it. The choice we have in 2020 is fascism or Democracy. I think that the vast majority of Americans want a democracy.
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