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Former Mid-Michigan resident taking precautions against coronavirus in China

John Emuagbon

Jan. 30, 2020

One man who use to reside in Mid-Michigan is now taking precautions against the coronavirus in his new home in China.
“I feel a little confined,” said Devin Flournoy, Saginaw Valley State University alum now living in China.
Flournoy has been in China since last October.
The country he resides in is ground zero for the coronavirus outbreak that has killed at least 170 people and sickened thousands more across the globe.
Flournoy said he spends a lot of time in his apartment.
“I’m here by myself. You know, I don’t have to really worry about anybody coming in or out or anything like that. And as long as I’m in one space I’ll probably feel more comfortable here than going outside,” Flournoy said.
Flournoy is in China to teach English. He said he lives and works in the same building, which also has a mall. So he doesn’t need to go outside very often.
In the rare instances when he does step into fresh air, he is prepared.
“Now it’s kind of dead outside. Not very many people are out. You know, you still see people, just a few cars here or there. A few people walking around. It’s a lot less traffic for sure. The grocery store is pretty crazy, and everybody has on a mask. I pretty much wear two masks when I go outside now. But hey, I think a lot of people are wearing two masks nowadays,” Flournoy said.
Flournoy said he has no plans on returning to the United States until October. He wants everyone back home to know he is in good spirits and he feels great.
“I’m looking forward to some tacos to be quite honest. You know, I would just say keep me in your prayers. I’m not too worried,” Flournoy said.
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