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Let's End This Once And For All! Telegram Or WhatsApp Which Is Better?


Jan. 15, 2020

Users have been arguing that Telegram is better than WhatsApp. While some agree with this theory while others don't. So, We would just dish out a brief idea about the features of Telegram and how it stacks against WhatsApp, the most popular instant mesenger (IM) out there.
Here are the features of the two apps;
User Base
This is somewhere Telegram is far behind WhatsApp at the moment, but is growing steadily. WhatsApp has had far more years of experience and development than Telegram did. Telegram is new to the IM scene, and it entered the market at a time when WhatsApp was ruling the Instant Messaging game and brought about a revolution of free-of-cost text messaging. Another reason is that people resist change and see it as being negative. They only follow what their peers use and hence Telegram lacks the user base and market share WhatsApp currently enjoys.
Telegram is available over most of the operating platforms people use. You can use Telegram on Ándróid, iOS and even on Windows Phones. It has dedicated applications for Windows OS, MacOS and Linúx as well. WhatsApp lags behind in such wide range of availability on different platforms.
Cross Platform Usage
Now this has got to be the best feature about Telegram. Telegram is totally cloud based IM application. They use a login based system to get into your account and everything syncs to your device including your chats, photos, videos and contacts as well. Another great feature is that you can simultaneously login to your account over different devices all at the same time. So you can leave a conversation on your phone and continue that on your work PC or laptop.
You have a dedicated menu option to view all your active Telegram sessions on different devices. This is to provide extra security and to be aware of the devices currently logged into your account. You can terminate any session from inside this menu. This marvelous feature is something WhatsApp does not provide.
Privacy settings on Telegram are some of the best ones I have seen around on IMs. Furthermore, Telegram associates an account with a phone number as well as an username. So if you're not sure about giving someone your personal phone number, you can just share your username to connect and stay in touch, while the other person would never get to know your cell number unless you decide to tell them yourself. Somewhat extra privacy, that is not available to WhatsApp users.
Groups, Supergroups & Channels
WhatsApp does not even compare to the groups and channels that are provided by Telegram. You can join by an invite or a specified link. There are supergroups with max user limit of 5000 (WhatsApp doesn't even compare). Then there are channels, which broadcasts content over to the members of the particular channel, the content varies from news, memes, videos, movies (HD), music, TV shows and much more. You can download any of the above content from a channel. Admins of the channel take full advantage of the sweet file sharing capabilities on Telegram.
File Sharing
Telegram has better file sharing capabilities than WhatsApp (by a huge margin). The photos you share are not highly compressed and pixelated like WhatsApp does. There are no limits on video file sizes. Hence, channels broadcast movies in HD quality, which you can download.
Taking advantage of the cloud system Telegram is based on, you can download a particular file multiple times, on multiple platforms if you want. WhatsApp doesn't allow this - once you delete a photo or video, there is no way to re-download it.
Secret Chats (end-to-end encryption)
Using a cloud based messaging service meant that Telegram could not offer end-to-end encryption, like WhatsApp does. They addressed this issue by introducing Secret Chats, which provide end-to-end encryption. These chats have self destructing messages and no content is saved on the cloud. So if you log out of a device, the chat would be lost forever.
Ártificial Intélligence based Bóts
Telegram has bót-support. So, developers can publish their bóts and people can use them for stuff like fetching weather info, news headlines and even play games. Pretty cool feature although, needs a lot of work and development right now.
However, there are certain features like Voice Calling and Video Calling on WhatsApp which trump out Telegram. The reason is simple, WhatsApp had enough time to develop and improve their application, Telegram is new and just launched it's voice calling feature.
The thing to note is that, Telegram is growing at such an enormous pace even with such huge competition from world leading IM WhatsApp, recently acquired by a deep pocket MNC - Facebook.
Now to the root of the matter, with these features in mind... Do you think Telegram is going to leave WhatsApp in the dust?
Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.
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