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TAKE CARE! Top 12 CANCER Symptoms Most People Neglect!


Jan. 13, 2020

1. Lose weight without dieting or exercising
This is serious. Don't think it's cool, you're losing weight for no reason. I am not saying losing 1 kilo or 2 kilos. I am talking about the rapid loss of up to 10% of initial weight in less than 1 month.
This may or may not be cancer symptoms. However, rapid weight loss is also common in those who are developing cancer.
2. Intense tiredness doing small tasks
Tiredness of days, that even though you sleep for many hours of the day, you still feel weak and unmotivated.
Basically, it may be due to anemia or blood loss from the stool, for example. This can lead to decreased red blood cells and reduced oxygen in the blood.
3. Pain that does not go away
That unbearable pain, which you have already done everything, you have taken all sorts of medicines, both industrial and home. However, it remains there persisting, even after days.
However, it does not mean that your constant headache will be cancer. It may be a migraine, or pain caused by poor eyesight. However, pain in a particular region is also common in many types of cancer, so it is a symptom of cancer.
4. Fever that comes and goes without taking medicine
Fever itself is a sign that something is not going well in your body. In other words, if it appears, the ideal is already to take some action.
Now if the fever keeps coming and going without you taking medicine it can be a symptom of cancer. It could mean that the immune system is weakened.
5. Changes in stool
Basically, having bowel variations, such as very hard stools or diarrhea for more than 6 weeks, can also be a symptom of cancer. But, remember changes like this are not always worrying, it all depends on the intensity.
You know your body better than anyone, deep down you will know when something is abnormal or not. However, it costs nothing to go for routine checkups to be sure of your health.
6. Pain in urination or dark urine
Basically, some cases like these are just lack of water anyway. Therefore, one of the importance of consuming water frequently is to avoid any kind of clutter in your body.
However, some people who are developing cancer may have pain while urinating or urinating with blood and also increasing urge to urinate more often.
7. It takes time to heal wounds
Delayed healing of skin wounds can be either diabetes or some symptom of cancer.
Basically the appearance of wounds in any region of the body that takes more than 1 month to heal may indicate cancer at an early stage. This may indicate that your immune system is weaker and so platelets decrease which are responsible for helping to heal lesions.
8. Bleeding
I am not talking about any bleeding you have from a fall or injury to the body.
Basically, the bleeding I refer to is the ones that are present in a cough or, in stools, urine or even the nipple, all depending on the affected body region.
9. Skin blemishes
The appearance of blemishes on the skin, meaningless and unexplained, can be a sign of concern. In more severe cases it may be a skin cancer.
Because cancer can cause changes in the skin, such as dark spots, yellowish skin, red or purple spots with balls and rough skin that causes itching.
10. Lumps and swelling of the tongue
Guys, any abnormalities in your body, of course you notice and are already worried, but be calm. Lumps and swelling of the tongue can also be a symptom of cancer. However, it may also be just inflammation of a gland.
However, the correct thing is for you to be alert and see if it will disappear. In fact, the appearance of lumps or lumps can appear in any region of the body, such as breast or testicles.
11. Choking Frequently
Guys, I am not referring to that time you choked out of nowhere at lunch yesterday. I am ttalking about that choking often, which you almost, or in some cases, can't eat.
Basically, in cancer patients the difficulty of swallowing may arise, which causes choking and persistent cough.
12. Hoarseness and cough for more than 3 weeks
Basically, symptoms such as persistent cough, shortness of breath, and hoarse voice may be symptoms of lung, larynx, or thyroid cancer, for example. Persistent dry cough accompanied by back pain, shortness of breath and severe tiredness may indicate lung cancer.
Now a warning to women, especially to those who go to their doctors once in a lifetime and once in death. Basically, symptoms such as changes in breast size, redness, crusting or sores on the skin near the nipple, and leakage of fluid through the nipple may indicate breast cancer.
The purpose of the story is not to make you go crazy in your house. We care about your health, so we aim to keep you informed. For information is never too much, and the presence of these symptoms does not always indicate the existence of a tumor.
In some cases it may just be an abnormality that soon goes away. However, if you have any questions ask your doctor, he will know better than anyone what is happening in your body.
Follow me for more useful info like this. Remember; Health is wealth. Stay blessed and healthy.
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