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Vume chiefs call on Rawlings

Okey Japan

Jan. 12, 2020

A 13-member delegation from the Vume Traditional Council last Wednesday called on former President Jerry John Rawlings to officially inform him of the demise of Togbui Banahene IV, Adontehene of the Vume Traditional Area.
The delegation, which was led by the Paramount Chief of Vume, Okokoako Nana Akornor II, informed the former President that the late Adontehene passed on September 6, 2019 having been on the stool since March 11, 1950.
Happy meeting
Okokoako Nana Akornor II expressed the council’s pleasure at meeting the former President as a group, explaining that although members have had the opportunity to meet him in their individual capacities, it had never been possible to call on him as a Council.
The Paramount Chief of Vume and his delegation also took the opportunity to discuss some challenges facing the Council and the Vume Traditional Area and sought the former President’s assistance in resolving the challenges.
Former President Rawlings thanked the delegation for the visit and expressed his desire to support the Council to resolve some of its challenges.
Members of the delegation included Togbe Ayensu Kokotako III, Togbe Kwame Adai IV, Togbe Katah IV, Richard Kwasi Siameh-Carr, Veronica Awusi Akliku-Carr, Matilda Ama Akliku Adaglenya and Beatrice Afi Akliku. The rest are Bluku Kwame Akliku, Nicholas Kwame Aklilku, Philip Kwaku Aklilku and Stephen Boni.
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