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Epidemic Hits France As Diarrhoea Spreads


Jan. 10, 2020

The "gastro" season has well and truly taken hold across most of France at the start of the New Year.
The number of people struck down with gastroenteritis in France continues to rise with most parts of the country affected by the spread of the stomach flu virus, known in French just as "gastro".
Since the New Year the number of patients consulting a doctor for acute diarrhoea or sickness continues to rise.
The regions most affected by the virus are Nouvelle-Aquitaine in the south west, Grand Est in the north east and the Pays de la Loire in the west. But on the whole no region has really been spared.
In total some 215,000 French people were struck down with the highly contagious virus between December 30th and January 5th, a small proportion of whom had to receive hospital treatment.
And unlike flu it's not just older people who are susceptible to being struck down by the virus. Patients treated range from age two to 100, with the average age being 36 years old. The illness normally lasts for between 24 and 72 hours. 
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