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Wednesday night owls open thread: Scores of activist groups sign up for Thursday protest of Iran war


Jan. 09, 2020

Jake Johnson at Common Dreams writes— 'We Need Everyone in the Streets' : More Than 320 Events Planned Across US to Protest Trump's March to War With Iran :
“I only wish the NRA and its jellyfish, well-paid supporters in legislatures both State and Federal would be careful to recite the whole of it, and then tell us how a heavily armed man, woman, or child, recruited by no official, led by no official, given no goals by any official, motivated or restrained only by his or her personality and perceptions of what is going on, can be considered a member of a well-regulated militia.” ~~ Kurt Vonnegut Jr. , Fates Worse Than Death (1991)
At Daily Kos on this date in 2006 —On Saving This Government:
I must save this government if possible. What I cannot do, of course I will not do; but it may as well be understood, once for all, that I shall not surrender thisgame leaving any available card unplayed. ~~ Abraham Lincoln
When Lincoln said that, it was a Civil War which threatened to divide our country. Today, there isn't a war between citizen and citizen, but between citizen and government. Why? Because the Bush administration has attacked the interests of the American people, squandered its fortune, and caused so many to die in war. Today's divide is not between north and south, but between the people and its government, a government which has proved over the last few years that it is created by and for the powerful rather than the citizenry of these United States.
There are times when a certain form of governance becomes toxic, where those in the public trust act not as civil servants, but as self-serving politicos. We are living in such a time.
The Congress no longer belongs to ordinary Americans; it belongs to the lobbyist who can cut the largest check. The Presidency no longer leads, but misleads. And the Judiciary (specifically the Supreme Court) is set to belong to the most vile, extreme, and un-American element of our society.
Democrats can either surrender this government to a party which seeks to destroy it, or we can take Lincoln's advice and play our available cards.  To those who say filibusters--judicial, patriot act, etc--are too politically costly, I say that failure to filibuster is conceding that this nation isn't worth fighting for. Instead of worrying that we will be labeled "obstructionist," I say we filibuster Alito, filibuster the Patriot Act, filibuster time and time again until this crazy government comes to a screeching halt. Enough is enough. The list of scandals is overshadowed only by the list of names of the 2,190 whose deaths have yet to be honored by this administration.
On today’s Kagro in the Morning show: As we tried to catch up on impeachment-related court cases, Republican attempts to short-circuit the rules, and Trump's Perv-A-Lago secret plan-blabbing, we were interrupted by an Iranian counterstrike, and the crash of a Ukrainian airliner… in Iran!
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