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Bloodcurdling screams ring out as baby girl is attacked by pit bull

Nana yaa

Jan. 09, 2020

Chilling video footage captured terrified screams as a pit bull attacked a one year-old baby girl.
Witnesses say the dog lunged at two children, a young girl and a one-year-old girl, as they were playing outside in Spring Valley, New York on Tuesday.
The pit bull reportedly first attacked the older girl, then tried to pull the baby away from her. Video posted to social media captures the terrified child’s cries for help.
Neighbors reportedly heard the screams and ran over to try to get the baby out of the dog’s mouth, but it would not let go.
Fortunately, the pit bull only clamped down on the baby’s thick winter coat, so a neighbor used a knife to cut the baby free, according to The Yeshiva World.
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‘Thankfully it was cold outside and the mother had put on extra layers of clothing so the dog only bitten into the clothing and the blanket and protective gear,’ Rabbi Yisroel Kahan told CBS .
After losing its grip on the child, the dog ran to a 29-year-old man nearby and bit him on the arm.
Another man then jumped on the pit bull, pinning it to the ground until authorities arrived and took the dog away.
The man who was bitten was taken to Westchester Trauma Center where he underwent surgery on his arm.
Spring Valley Police wrote on Facebook: ‘Upon police arrival, officers found a chaotic scene with at least two people being injured by the animal…
‘The dog was finally restrained and contained by another citizen… the dog was secured inside a patrol car.’
Police reportedly took the dog to the Hi-Tor Animal Shelter where it is being quarantined.
Its owner has since been identified.
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