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SHOCKING: Woman's Breasts Removed After Failed Petro Injection Beauty Treatment

Phil Opt

Dec. 19, 2019

-    She wanted to enlarge her small breast and make it beautiful
-    She agreed with her husband to go through the process
-    Everything looked fine until she gave birth and infection caused more pain
A 48-years-old had her breasts removed after six jars of petroleum jelly was injected into her breast for beauty sake. Her meeting with an unqualified surgeon cost her the beauty she wasn't content with.
According to the 48-year-old Russian wife and mum, she wanted to enlarge her small boobs and after meeting an unqualified surgeon who showed her beautiful breast she agreed to go through the process by the injection of jelly into her body for £5.
Desperate for beautiful boobs, she agreed to purchase the needed materials which all amounted to £4.70 not knowing she was about to be used as a guinea pig.
In an agreement with her husband, she went ahead with the process at her home with no anaesthetics as six jars of jelly were injected into her body.
During the interview, she narrated the pain in the process, however, she went ahead because she wanted the beauty. After the painful process, she had a terrible fever which came with regret, however, after two days everything felt better and with no pain.
Her breast was beautiful and with a beautiful shape which her husband loved but the horror effect showed up after giving birth.
She suffered from mastitis which is an inflammation usually associated with breastfeeding and her boobs became distorted with a huge boil.
The victim expressed how horrible the look of her breast was and the unbearable pain she went through. Currently, she has undergone surgery to remove the hardened petroleum jelly but leaving her chest with a whole lot of wounds.
The 48-year-old victim advises all women never to dream of increasing their breast or even getting it to look beautiful with such steps because they would pay the price if not in the first year but later on.
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