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WOMEN OPINION - S*x Feels Great On Weekends

Ernest Pappoe

Nov. 29, 2019

The weekend is the time everyone is happy; you get to rest and have interactions with friends and loved ones after what had been a stressful week.
The weekend presents an opportunity to make up for lost personal time and pleasures. One of such pleasures is s*x. With all the stress in town these days we set out to find out the best days to have intercourse.
These were the top 5 response we gathered-
Intercourse on any day is nice but it feels special on Fridays and Saturdays because the mind and body are relieved off the tensions associated with weekdays. 
My boyfriend and I have a weekend routine and ritual that makes our weekend intercourse very nice. Weekends are the best.
-Naa Koshie
I work from 8 am to 5 pm from Mondays to Fridays so the only time I get to spend time with my sweetheart is on the weekend.  I don’t know much about having intercourse on weekdays but I'm sure they wouldn’t be able to beat what happens over the weekend.
I would be too tired to give my all during weekday s*x but weekends are more relaxed and stress-free so definitely I give a 100 percent.
This shouldn’t be a debate; weekends are the best because there is no tension and both partners are not in a hurry to catch rest. You can push your bodies to the limit and try out various positions.
I give my all any day, anytime and anywhere; weekends aren’t that special but given a choice between a weekday and a weekend I am surely choosing a weekend.
It is not all perfect on the weekends though
-Adwoa Wiafe
It’s a mood thing so any day is fine. However, weekends present a better advantage as both partners are not tired of the pressures of the day.
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