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My [27F] husband [31M] is CONSTANTLY fidgeting with something and making noises, and it’s slowly driving me insane

Kessington Godspower

Nov. 08, 2019

Ok. I SWEAR he didn’t do it that much in the early years of our relationship. At least not enough for me to really notice/be bothered. But in the last year or so I’ve been noticing that he constantly has to fidget around with stuff, have something in his hands, make noise with it etc. For example while we are watching TV he has the remote in his hands and just turns it around constantly. He also wiggles his leg while sitting, clicks his pen or similar things.
I can deal with it as long as it’s noiseless movements, but one of my biggest pet peeves in life is stuff that makes constant unnecessary noises, and he loves to do that. For example a while back we were sitting and talking and he had that tiny plastic capsule from a kinder surprise egg in his hands and just kept snapping it open and shut with his fingers every few seconds. That started to get really annoying so I asked him to stop and he made a guilty face and stopped for a bit. Of course a few minutes later he forgot and re-started and because this has been such a frequent issue, I snapped at him a bit so he put it away out of reach. Yet another half hour later, we are in a different part of the house and what do I hear? Him snapping the capsule open and closed because he snatched it back up at some point. He says he does these things subconsciously and that I should just tell him every time to stop but it’s getting tiring because he always. gets. Back. To it. And eventually when I told him stop a few times he’ll start pouting and getting upset and says it shouldn’t even bother me and it’s not that annoying.
Am I overly sensitive here? Can he really not stop himself?
**tl,dr:** My husband is constantly fidgeting and making annoying noises. Claims he does it subconsciously and can’t stop himself. Am I right to get annoyed at this and what do we do about it?
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