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Man accidentally buys 1000 chickens online for KSh 155

Victor Fairdrason Agbenu

Nov. 06, 2019

- Steve Morrow claimed he only intended to buy two chicken but the advert was confusing
- He, however, became the owner of 1,000 hens after he misread the ad on an auction website
- Morrow who manages a bed and breakfast said he only wanted to buy a couple more birds for his property
- He has since found homes for all of the hens and says the experience has taught him a great lesson
With Christmas holiday around the corner, many homesteads are looking forward to delicious meals among them chicken delicacies during family gatherings.
A lot of shopping is expected during the holidays and it is not often that will actually get more for your money than you originally expected.
However, that is not so for a man identified as Steve Morrow, who got an absolute bargain when he put a bid on because he wanted to save a hen's life, Stuff reported.
Morrow, who lives in New Zealand, said he was browsing Trademe.co.nz, the country's largest auction website, when he stumbled upon a post that was for urgent sale and decided to buy two.
But in a bizarre turn of events, he was told he had actually bought 1,000, when the bid was sealed at 11am on Sunday, November 3.
He said he misread the ad, thinking the highest bidder could take as many birds as they wanted and the seller would continue to auction the rest of them off until they were all gone.
He said he put in an auto bid for $20 (KSh 2, 061) thinking he could at least get two hens but by Sunday morning he discovered that he had actually won the auction for $1.5 (KSh 155).
The ad explained that an egg farm in West Auckland, was closing down and all the hens needed to be removed by Monday, November 4.
Morrow, who manages a bed and breakfast in Hamilton, New Zealand, was only looking for a couple more hens as he already had 10 on his property that provided eggs for his guests.
Matthew Blomfield, who owns the free-range egg farm in Auckland, New Zealand, said Morrow should be given credit for following through with the sale and trying to find homes for the hens.
Unsure of what to do next, Morrow posted on a Facebook urgently asking for help and within hours, he received thousands of replies from people across the country offering to lend a hand.
While noting that more than 700 of the birds have been given homes after the plea, he also said he would not 'let the birds down even if it meant driving to Auckland to feed them.
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