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Boyfriend [23M] of 3 months calls his sister [16F] "Negra" (literally "black girl"). It kinda makes me [22F] uncomfortable since I'm not fully aware ......

Prince Kingsley

Nov. 06, 2019

I'm black, they're second generation Latin American immigrants, but one of their parents was second generation Korean immigrant back in their home country. He's brown-ish while she is pale , she is one of the whitest human beings I have ever seen in my life, and the one who looks the most Korean. He looks full Latin American.
He liberally calls her negra everytime I visit them. It seems perfectly normal for them, but it's also weird? She's clearly not white so it's a little confusing. I never had Latin American friends in high school or college, they were mostly black or white and it was black people calling each blacks and all the variations, never really crossing the race line.
We have gone out with her sister twice and I don't think he calls her like that in public. I don't know if that was just coincidence or just him doing it intentionally.
I don't know if it's a touchy subject or not, so I haven't asked? I feel kinda silly but also don't know how Latin American people handle that term with each other in general. Apparently, it's common within Puerto Rican people? But they are not Puerto Rican.
Is it totally normal for Latin American people in general/immigrants to use that term as a sort of pet name?
tl;dr: Boyfriend calls his pale-skinned half Korean, half Latin American sister "negra" all the time. Is that normal for Latin American immigrants?
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