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Horrifying moment a 10-year-old boy falls 'more than 20 FEET' from a zip line ride onto concrete at a trampoline park in Florida due to 'operator ......


Nov. 05, 2019

The family of a 10-year-old boy is suing a Florida trampoline park after the child fell more than 20 feet from a zip line.
Horrifying surveillance footage of the September 1 incident shows the boy holding on to a harness of the 'Sky Rider' at the Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park in Lakeland.
The ride takes him around one curvature while his legs are seen dangling.
Seconds later, a dip in the ride causes the boy to lose his grip on the harness, which was reportedly not properly secured.
He is then seen crashing down to the concrete floor of the indoor ride as several people, including employees, rush over to check on him.
The boy, who survived the ordeal, was motionless as a woman, believed to be his relative, is seen kneeling over him.
According to WTSP , the boy's family has since filed a lawsuit against the indoor park.
Their suit claims that the incident was a result of operator error. The suit also says that the boy fell 'more than 20 feet' and suffered 'significant injuries'.
The victim has recovered from his injuries and is now back in school.
And the Florida Department of Agriculture, backed up that claim with their investigation that concluded that the harness was not secured.
According to their report, the victim's legs were not buckled, forcing him to hold on with his arms until he lost his grip.
In a statement the department said: 'Our inspector noted no deficiencies in the equipment at the time of the incident nor did Urban Air have a history of device deficiencies during prior inspections of the facility. The report indicates that the incident was a result of operator error.'
A spokesperson for the family-owned company said: 'Safety is at the heart of everything we do. We take matters of this nature very seriously and can assure that appropriate measures have been taken.'
The company's statement said that all employees have been retrained on all of the attractions and the employees responsible for not properly securing the victim into the harness have been fired.
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