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LADIES BEWARE!!! See Why You Should Never Send Him Nude Photos


Nov. 04, 2019

You think you have found the perfect man. The relationship seems to be going very well and you can even foresee wedding bells ringing. He makes a very simple request “Can you please send me some nudes?” and you are torn. You are actually contemplating doing it because in your mind “What could possibly go wrong? I trust him and he has given me his word that he will not share it with anyone. We may even be getting married soon”.
Ladies, never ever fall for this ‘trap’ no matter how tempting it is. Check out some reasons why you should absolutely deny sending him some nudes no matter how much he begs and promises not to show it to anyone.
Other People May Have Access to His Phone
You probably never thought about this, but even if he has the tightest security on his phone, someone might see those photos accidentally. I know someone who sent her phone for repairs and someone at the shop retrieved some lewd pictures she had kept on her phone and distributed them. You just may never know, so just advise yourself.
Your Future is at Stake Here
You do not mind a future riddled with controversy and popularity that arises from some naked photos of yours which got leaked some time ago? Then go ahead and send that naked photo. The internet never forgets, mind you. If you do not want to be the next Kim Kardashian, then rethink that photo you are contemplating about sending.
What if You End up with a Nasty Breakup?
Chances are that you have heard of either a bitter ex-boyfriend or pained ex-husband who did something absolutely unnecessary and vile to their ex-girlfriend/ex-wife just because their relationship came to an end. What if he decides to share those nudes of yours because he feels broken-hearted in the aftermath of a breakup and wants to get revenge?
Worst of All, What if You Send to the Wrong Number?
If you have never ever sent a WhatsApp message to the wrong number, you deserve a gold medal. Unless you are extremely thorough, there is a high chance of you one day sending your naked photos to the wrong person; especially on WhatsApp!
Girl, resist the temptation and stand for what you believe in; unless of course your belief is sending nudes and facing the consequences; come what may!
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