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Hunter Arrested After Fatally Shooting His Teenage Friend Who He Allegedly Mistook for a Deer

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Oct. 10, 2019

A Georgia man has been arrested after shooting a teenager while they were hunting together in late September.
Hector Romero-Hernandez, 32, was arrested by Glynn County Police on Monday, the Brunswick News reported Tuesday.
On  September 28, Romero-Hernandez and 17-year-old Bobby Lee Lane were hunting together in some woods in Brunswick, Georgia, which is located north of the border with Florida near the coast.
They were allegedly hunting illegally, as it was not firearm hunting season does not begin in Georgia, according to the Georgia Department of National Resources.
Romero-Hernandez was charged with misuse of a firearm while hunting resulting in bodily harm, according to the Brunswick News .
He was also charged with three misdemeanors: hunting with an unlawful weapon, hunting without a big game license and hunting without a license, the outlet reported.
The Glynn County Police did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment. A lawyer for Romero-Hernandez could not immediately be located.
In a statement on September 28 , the department said that Lane was shot by Romero-Hernandez, allegedly being “mistaken for a deer” while in an “area of heavy foliage.” Romero-Hernandez and the rest of the hunting party brought Lane out of the woods “in order to be quickly transferred to an ambulance and taken to the hospital.”
Lane was pronounced dead at the hospital, police said.
A spokesperson for Glynn County Police previously told PEOPLE : “I don’t know whether [Romero] just saw the bushes moving and shot him. The group loaded him up into a pick-up truck into the bed and took him to the closest gas station, where they met with an ambulance.”
Lane’s grandmother, Bobbie Jean Lane, expressed anger and devastation at her grandson’s death.
She previously told PEOPLE that although she rushed to the hospital upon hearing Lane was shot, she was unable to get there in time before he died.
“There’s no deer that stand 6-foot-1 and would be shot directly into the chest. That’s why I’m angry,” Bobbie Jean said. “You cannot tell me somebody thought that a 6-foot-1 boy was a deer. He did not deserve to be done this way.”
In the GoFundMe post, Lane is described as “a very avid hunter and fisherman who loved the outdoors.”
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“Now his parents are trying to find the money to pay for his completely unexpected funeral,” the organizer, Lane’s cousin Michael Rawling, wrote. “Any help in donations will go straight to his mother who is trying to make it through this tragedy and arrange his burial.”
As of Wednesday,  a little more than $6,000 out of $10,000 had been raised.
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