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"20 Years Under Sanctions, But We Still Survive," ED ⋆ Pindula News


Oct. 09, 2019

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said that political and financial support from fellow African states made Zimbabwe survive sanctions from Western communities.
Mnangagwa was speaking on Wednesday in Uganda where he was delivering his congratulatory speech on that country’s independence day.
Zimbabwe is a country in transition, we are under sanctions for 20 years, however, because of solidarity and support, political and material from our sister countries like the Republic of Uganda, we still survive.
Zimbabwe has been under sanctions from the Western States including the United States of America, the United Kingdom and the European Union since the turn of the millennium for alleged human rights violations.
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They were imposed immediately after Zimbabwe embarked on the fast track land reform programme which displaced many white farmers in the country.
The USA and allies, however, insist that sanctions are not on Zimbabwe as a country but on individuals mainly from the ruling ZANU PF party.
SADC countries in solidarity with Zimbabwe set aside 25 October as an Anti-Sanctions day. They are calling for the unconditional removal of sanctions.
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