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British Photographers and Filmmakers Will Face Serious Problems After Brexit

J. Eastman Yargio

Oct. 08, 2019

If you’re a photographer or filmmaker living in the U.K., traveling to work in Europe might be about to get a lot harder and significantly more expensive. If you live in London and suddenly land a job in Paris, taking a camera with you could soon cost you more than $400.
Among claims of fear-mongering of what Brexit might bring to the U.K. and Europe more broadly, it seems that even the British government’s own website is acknowledging that traveling with expensive electronic equipment might be a problem once Britain has withdrawn from Europe.
On this U.K. government webpage entitled “ Take goods temporarily out of the UK ,” it appears that traveling with “laptops, cameras, or sound equipment” might require an ATA Carnet in order to avoid paying duty when crossing borders. At present, acquiring one of these carnets to carry equipment from the U.K. to countries outside of the European Union costs £325.96 ($400).
As detailed by this page, “ Touring Europe if there’s no Brexit deal ,” published on October 2, 2019, there are major implications for photography units, film crews, and arts organizations if negotiations do not go well and Prime Minister Boris Johnson fulfills his promise to leave Europe at the end of this month, regardless of whether a deal is achieved.
As well as this major bureaucratic hurdle and significant costs, there will be other implications as a result of a no-deal Brexit, such as the validity of U.K. drivers licenses and Europe-wide health coverage currently enjoyed by all European residents.
The C.B.I., the Confederation of British Industry, has long warned of dramatic consequences , both of Brexit more broadly and more specifically of a no-deal Brexit. Earlier this year, Prime Minister Johnson was reported to have responded to these concerns by saying: “F*ck business.”
Will Brexit affect your ability to work in Europe? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.
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