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Learning about agriculture through pumpkin picking

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Oct. 06, 2019

Halloween is right around the corner and that means soon you will see jack-o-lanterns lining people's front steps. But where do all these pumpkins come from?
One family farm in Missoula is teaching kids, of all ages, about agriculture in a festive way.
For the last 10 years Turner Farms has been helping families in Missoula pick out that perfect pumpkin.
From orange to white and even green, there are hundreds of of pumpkins to choose from. But one little boy named Charlie knew exactly what he wanted.
"I’m looking for a big one" Charlie said.
Charlie and his family have been coming to Turner Farms for the last two years. According to Charlie last year he got “a ginormous green one."
Now he’s not the only kid to find a perfect pumpkin in the patch. This weekend was Turner Farms annual Pumpkin festival, where families are invited out to the farm to see every aspect from the pumpkins to the animals.
"It is a running farm, a fully operating farm,” Jon Turner said, “we have animals too all the meat we produce is grown there and fed from there and its as local and as organic as you can get.”
Every year Turner has kids from local schools come help out on the farm. He has 4 th graders come plant pumpkins then invites them back out the next year to see their crop.
Local 4-H clubs and the high school FFA help by pressing apples for cider and taking care of the animals.
"My favorite part is seeing these kids, 4h kids. FFA kids, kids that don’t know anything about this, yet they want to know about their agriculture. Wanting to know where their food comes from.” Turner said.
Then other kids like Charlie can take home a pumpkin and some knowledge with them.
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