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Sisi Reviews With Armed Forces Anti-Terrorism Strategy

Fidelis Aidelomon

Oct. 04, 2019

Cairo - Walid Abdul Rahman
A meeting of the Supreme Council of the Egyptian Armed Forces, chaired by President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, reviewed on Thursday a number of files pertaining to efforts to protect the pillars of Egyptian national security and the fight against terrorism, in cooperation with various state institutions.
During the meeting, Sisi congratulated the Egyptian people and their armed forces on the occasion of the anniversary of October’s glorious victories.
Meanwhile, Major General Mahmoud Tawfiq, the Egyptian minister of Interior, noted that despite the security achievements in Egypt, the threat of terrorist organizations was still lurking.
“The Egyptian people have become aware of the conspiracies against the homeland,” Tawfiq said, addressing his aides and assistants at the ministry’s headquarters in Cairo.
“The cohesion of the Egyptian people to protect their homeland and unite behind its political leadership, armed forces and police is what makes us always ready to bear the sacrifices and face all challenges decisively,” he added.
He also underlined the need to “intensify security efforts in various areas, face any manifestation that constitutes a violation of the law, and capture criminals,” in addition to the launching of “large-scale security campaigns targeting gangs and bearers of unlicensed arms.”
The Interior minister asked the security leaders to follow up on field developments in order to find solutions and face emergency security situations and to ensure their forces’ readiness to protect important and vital facilities and religious sites.
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