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National Biodiversity Assessment

Nisar Ahmed Ch

Oct. 04, 2019

Information contained in the National Biodiversity Assessment (NBA) report is what will enable the government to strategically deal with the impending water scarcity and curb the extinction of indigenous plants in the country.
So said Environmental, Forestry and Fisheries, Minister Barbara Creecy, as she delivered the findings of the third NBA at the South African Botanical Gardens in Brummeria, Pretoria earlier today.
Creecy said taking the lead from assessments conducted in 2004 and 2011, the 2018 report; compiled by over 480 scientists allowed for a thorough look at the state of biodiversity in the country.
And as it stood, she said a number of findings warranted immediate attention, especially with regard to the state of water, animals and plants in the country.
She said the assessment had found that animal and plant species were definitely under threat.
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