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Donald Trump's Nickelback Video Was Removed After Copyright Complaint


Oct. 04, 2019

One of the most popular memes is from the 2005 Nickleback video for the song "Photograph" where people will put various things in lead singer Chad Kroeger's picture frame. Giphy Vine truly started the trend because Vine is everything .
However, the Nickleback jokes stopped once President Donald Trump tried to get in on the action last night. "LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH" he tweeted.
The original video was saved by multiple accounts and has been tweeted out several times. According to The Gaurdian , Trump’s version of the "Photograph" meme has Kroeger’s photograph replaced by one taken in 2014 that shows Joe Bidens and his son Hunter on a golf course with Devon Archer, a colleague of Hunter's who is labelled in the edit as a “Ukraine gas exec”.
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