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Why Billionaire Wife Of Mugabe Risks Going Broke Now That Mugabe Is Gone - Video


Sept. 10, 2019

Grace Mugabe is nothing short of a billionaire and the lady is a spendthrift, throwing money just at anything, from shopping spree in boutiques to shopping for luxurious cars. Heck, madam Gucci is said to have palatial homes all over the world, this even as Zimbabweans are starving to death.
She has acquired lots of wealth for a period spanning 23  years out of the thirty years that her husband forcefully stayed in power after liberating Zimbabwe from white minoriy rule.
Grace Mugabe or Gucci Grace owns eye watering properties all over the country and beyond, but her opulent and flamboyant lifestyle may soon bite the dust now that her shield who was her husband, president Mugabe is gone.
Losing her wealth that she acquired while oppressing the people of Zimbabwe should be the least of her worries, the former first lady might lose her freedom as well.
Grace had been given immunity by the army in November 2017 when her husband was ousted and both of them sent to house arrest. The immunity for the crimes she committed when her husband was the president may be lifted now that Mugabe is dead! 
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