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Call Him What You Want To, But Here's Why RMS Reporter Victor Kinuthia, Is A Victor!


Sept. 10, 2019

Kenyans can really be bullies online. In fact, KOT, that is, Kenyans on twitter can be a nightmare! They are the quickest group of people on earth by the way, to react to anything and everything.
Sometimes, their presence online, and the kind of influence they got is the best, and well appreciated, but other times, it gets crazy. There are very many twitter users, as well as other social media users, who hide behind their keyboards, as they cyber bully other innocent people, and this does not seem to end despite the fact that many people have continously condemned the act. 
The most recent person who got bashed by KOT users is one, Victor Kinuthia, a reporter at Royal Media Service's Inooro TV.
The incident happed after Victor went live on Citizen TV to report live about the incident where by member of parliament for Kiharu Ndindi Nyoro was arrested by police, over what happened during the past weekend where things turned ugly at a Murang'a church after he, Ndindi and nominated MP Maina Kamanda had a nasty confrontation. 
After long hours of pursuing him, the police finally arrested Ndindi in such a chaotic scene, that had reporter Victor Kinuthia step in and feed the public with the necessary information regarding the arrest of the MP. 
That's the exact cause of all the noise that Kenyan social media users are causing all over. The fact that Victor is a vernacular reporter, who had to go on live TV, to report in English and didn't have quite the easy time doing it didn't have to see people treat him the way they have, and still continue to do.
It's even worse that some of his fellow journalists are among the people bullying the poor guy online, yet they know how crazy it can get. It is not, and has never been easy. That's exactly how all these big artists started out. None of them started as good and big as they are right now. It has taken them all years of failure, tears, hopelessness and long days to get where they are today. 
Everyone should go slow on Victor, because it was very evident that the guy was trying his best to deliver, and that's the spirit of a true star. Taking risks and bravely facing challenges as they come.
No one great came out as strong as they are right now by sitting pretty in their comfort zones. Victor Kinuthia is right on the perfect lane to becoming the great journalist that he is, and a few years from now, the story will be different. Everyone laughing at him right now, bullying him online, will sing about how the man is a true Victor!
~Scooper original
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