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Dorian fallout: Toppled construction crane attracts gawkers, questions

Samuel Roberts

Sept. 09, 2019

The video seemed almost cartoon-like, the horizontal arm of a construction crane swinging uneasily over the Halifax skyline before it toppled over, crumpling like tissue paper around the empty building below.
Hundreds of viewers on social media reacted to a video shot by Fatema Ali on Saturday amid post-tropical storm Dorian, which showed the tall steel structure, effortlessly formidable on a normal day, crumble as if it was made of wet straw. The storm left behind a tangled mess of splintered trees and downed power lines in Nova Scotia on Saturday before moving on to western Newfoundland.
The crane collapsed in Halifax’s downtown area, on the corner of Spring Garden Road and South Park Street, according to local media reports. No injuries were reported in connection with the incident.
One person called the incident “horribly terrifying” and noted how lucky it was that no one appeared to be hurt. Many questioned why the crane was left erected, considering Dorian began as a category two hurricane.
In an interview with the CBC, Ali said she was concerned about the crane before the storm hit Halifax’s shores on Saturday.
“I was telling people that this should have been removed before the hurricane,” she reportedly said. “Even if people were walking around, you never know, something could have happened.”
Traffic in downtown Halifax was reportedly heavy, as gawkers looked to see the crane, now draped around the half-completed building, as well as other damages sustained in the region.
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