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John Obi Mikel Savagely Trolled After Posting Fake Ruben Neves Quote


Sept. 07, 2019

Nigeria’s John Obi Mikel was trolled after he posted a fake Ruben Neves quote to Instagram.
And after the prank eventually worked, the Blues fan account revealed others also fell for the troll and shared it as a genuine quote.
He tweeted: “The funniest part about this is the fact the accounts I expected to blindly copy and present it as legit news did the exact same thing.”
Mikel lifted three Premier League titles and also won the Champions League at Stamford Bridge during his 11-years as a Blue. But the Chelsea legend was still mocked after falling for the social media prank. One said: “I hope you realise it’s a fake quote mate.” Another said: “Do you realise that this quote is fake. Neves never said this.”
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