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Politician set to protect single ladies from 'deceptive' married men
Michael Hammond|Aug. 13, 2019
- Paul Makonda, the regional commissioner of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, has disclosed that plans are underway to publish the names of all married men in the city
- According to him, the move is to help identify such people so that they do not break the hearts of single ladies
- Makona explained that the details would be displayed on a state-run website
The regional commissioner of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, Paul Makonda, has revealed there are plans to publish the names of all married men in the city.
According to him, the identities of all such men would be uploaded on a state-run website so that they don’t deceive single ladies.
Makonda explained that the proposal, once adopted, would help save a number of young women in the city from heartbreaks.
The commissioner revealed that several women have complained to him about how men deceive them and they have had enough.
He said the men promise to marry them only to later ditch them, leading to humiliation.
A citinewsroom.com report further states that Makonda added that the women are left with heartbreaks and emotional bruises.
For that reason, clause that protects women who are promised marriages only to be used and dumped would be activated.
This, he noted, would help bring sanity into relationships and it is the best course of action as he cannot look on while women are getting hurt.
Makonda again stated that a meeting would soon be held with the state agency in charge of the database for citizens.
Once that is done, he said, men who lie to and dump women should be ready as officials would be coming for them.
In other news, a photo of Ghana’s first dentist, Robert Edward Lee, has surfaced online and attracted mixed reactions from a cross-section of Ghanaians.
Lee, YEN.com.gh understands, was born in South Carolina on May 13, 1920, to an African American family.
Ghana the Black Star of Africa reports that he studied dentistry in Tenessee and later relocated to Ghana with his wife Sarah.
The Lees are reportedly the first Black dentists in Ghana.
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