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BBNaija VIEWERS CHOICE: Breast or Butt Enlargement, Which Housemate Do You Prefer Gets One And Why?
Ade, son of Ade|Aug. 08, 2019
Let us shake all the tables right now. Well, since it is a public thing and a lot of us have feelings for some housemates in #BbNiaja, I don’t think anyone should take this personally at all. Some housemates came prepared while some simply slay day in day out. 
What are we even talking about? 
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It is about having some extra Bum or Boobs to gain more traction in the house. And you know what, Naija people are the best to ask these questions from. Do you really want to have some truth spilled out, would your guy be satisfied with some more in front or behind or both? Some say the housemates that are either dashing or getting it are the ones with some in front and behind. SO, is it true? Lol! 
These responses will shock you - because I actually asked from both guys and peeps. 
So, shall we begin? 
Butt it is! Who doesn’t want big bum? Not that I want...but it will make me more attractive anyways and I can cause commotion in the house when I walk around. Not to the extreme though. A big bum won’t be bad. 
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None! I won’t find myself in that kind of situation and I will definitely not flaunt that in the house. It is really weird how people go through that process. It is becoming rampant in society. I think people are not just contented enough. 
Bum-bum of course! Because you can place a cup on a big bum, lol. I have boobs but boobs are not enough to win 60million Naira. I don’t mind a little bum - just to be complete. In fact, I want some breast reduction. 
Butt! Bigger boobs have more disadvantages than advantages. Butt is just better. 
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Butt. I don’t have a reason, it is just for myself. I will feel and look better. 
I prefer the bum. If I was Big Brother that is all I need just to feed my eyes with. Breasts get big and stressful and I don’t like stress. 
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I have a soft spot for boobs in my heart, just like some in the house do right now, so breast wins for me. 
Ass! I just like asses. To be my girlfriend, you will have to have a big ass in the first place. I don’t roll with babes without asses also. And I am sure who I will be rolling with in the house right now. 
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None. I like my babe natural. I love her and down in the beginning, and I don't encourage any type of enlargement or deduction. I love her the way she is. 
Both! it shouldn’t be one-sided. Well, for one, self-gratification and pleasure is what I aim for. It helps me not to go out there to womanize. My thought. However, there is only one babe I can vote for with my last kobo in the house and you all know her. 
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So there you go guys, some people have spoken and opened up. Don’t let us stop this revelation, share your thoughts and pick your sides in the comment box below. 
If you don’t have a side or love both sides, you are free to shake the tables in the house for brother biggie! 
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