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5 Reasons Why Your Application Has Not Passed The Interview Stage Yet


Jun. 26, 2019

Getting a job can be a very daunting task. There is that stage of searching for the right job, then there is the stage of securing an interview, before the final stage of being selected in the end. Of all of these stages, getting past the interview stage can be the most frustrating.
There are times when you go for an interview and you feel like you totally killed the questions and then you never get called. This sometimes happens repeatedly and sometimes you lose hope. However, there are times when a deep reflection by you may show the reasons why you did not get past the interview stage. Here are 5 reasons why you may not have been getting past the interview stage.
1. The Employer's Needs Might Have Changed
Company's make changes all the time. They divert funds to different projects, move teams, change departments and so on. These changes can occur in between when your interview was done. Many times, companies make these changes without informing applicants and this may be the reason for not reaching out to the applicant anymore. The company's goal may have changed.
2. You May Not Be A Cultural Fit
One mistake a lot of people make is thinking that their skills and experiences are enough to get them jobs. Every company has a specific culture for their work and operations and for them, this is quite something to look out for in candidates when recruiting. For example, you love to work with people, an organization that offers remote work may not be good for you.
3. They May Have Someone In Mind Already
This is something that is prominent in Nigeria. The hiring officers might already have someone in mind and therefore has to conduct the interview so that the management don't exactly know that that was what happened. The organization too may have someone in mind as well before the interview so for this reason, you may not be called back for the job.
4. You Did Not Tell The Right Story
Before every interview, you should prepare your elevator pitch, your short story on how your skills match the job and how you intend to add value to the company and their clients or customers. Also, make sure any skill you want to highlight matches the company's requirement and not just a total off-shoot of them.
5. You Did Not Send A "Thank You Note"
This is something many people don't do after being invited for an interview. Sending a thank-you mail or letter can go a long way in helping the recruiter realize that you are someone with gratitude and this can help influence his/her decision. However, when doing this, you should be careful not to overdo it so you don't look too pushy or stalking.
These are some vital things to take note of and make changes where needed. Making these changes can help you secure your next job if carefully observed.
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