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How Sportswear Has Influenced Your Wardrobe Without You Knowing


Jun. 13, 2019

The journey to fashion influence by various sports is remarkable. It is rare for you not to find yourself having at least one fashion piece that was or is originally a sports attire. Just think about it, have you ever imagined how sneakers became popular? or Where baseball caps that have become so popular now came to be?
Many of us wear popular brands like Nike and Adidas which are top sportswear makers to virtually every place. It is not rare to find various sports kits at offices these days. You will agree that sweatshirts or tight pants are a thing these days among office workers too. Having said this, let's look at how different sports have influenced our wardrobes without us even knowing.
1. Baseball
This is one sport that is not popular in this part of the world. It is very rare to find anyone across the country who has an interest in baseball, you probably have never met a "New York Yankees" fan before or even a "Red Sox" fan before. However, you would have definitely seen baseball caps with the inscription "NY" at some point or even own one.
Baseball caps are very popular among young people these days and would be for a long time, in fact, as long as the sun is still above the earth, you are most likely to still see them around. Also, baseball jackets are a new thing too among young people due to music videos and celebrities who have made it a trend too.
2. Tennis
You will agree that one pair of shoes that was popular while growing up was "tennis shoes", those white ones with green soles especially. Tennins shoes have gone beyond the court into people's wardrobes. Also, many short flared skirts and gowns have become prominent with ladies over the years and their origin can be traced to tennis.
3. Boxing
Boxing and fashion really should never be used in the same sentence. You would never imagine that a sport with that much hits and "violence" would have any impact on the suave of fashion but ironically, it has. So you know the popular dappers and capes you see celebrities have on, yes, they came from boxing.
Also, boxing shorts are quite popular in music videos these days both with men and women.
4. Golf
This is a premium sport, one that is popular among rich people. However, you should know this, that all your polo shirts (by Ralph Lauren and Lacoste) as well as T-shirts with neck and sacks hanging on the shoulders came from golf. Also, many colourful shirts and sleeveless sweaters came from the sport too.
5. Basketball
Most likely the biggest sports influencer in fashion. Basketball tops, shorts, sneakers, joggers, hoodies are popular fashion pieces you are likely to see around. There is this swag that Basketball kits just have on people that is super desirable and you want to get some of it.
6. Football
Undoubtedly the most popular sport in the world, it is only normal that it has some influence in everyday fashion. Football jerseys are quite popular among people these days. It is unlikely that you will walk a few miles down the road and you would not see at least one person wearing a jersey. While some use this to show solidarity for their teams, others love the comfort of the jerseys.
7. Athletics
You are likely to own at least one pair of tracksuits. Either the full kit or just the trousers. A lot of people love the comfort the suits bring. The fact that they are easy to wear and even maintain is just what makes them a people's choice when it comes to fashion.
These are just a few ways some sports have influenced everyday fashion these days. So next time you want to wear your baseball cap or sneakers, remember where it came from.
Let us know any other sports piece that should have made this list via the comments section below.
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