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Five Amazing Destinations To Take Your Children For holidays


May. 23, 2019

The holidays will be here pretty soon and this is the best time to start planning for a holiday travel for you and your children. Choosing a children-friendly destination is sometimes a difficult task because there are so many places, both in Nigeria and abroad, where you can go.
When choosing a place totravel to with your children you have to look at what sort of amusements and fun they will derive from the destination. Here is a list of five places you can take your children to for the holidays.
1. Lekki Conservation Center
Like they say, "charity begins at home", it is only corteous that we start by mentioning somewhere within the country. A visit to the Lekki Conservation Center will be worth your children's time. A walk down th canopy bridge will excite them. However, you have to be extr careful when walking down this bridge due to the movement of the bridge.
2. Omu Resort, Epe
If you need a place where your children can have so much fun within Lagos, Omu resort is the place to go. They have a payment package for the family. Your children will enjoy karting (like a car racing competition), also, see some aqualife as well as paintballing among other things.
3. Florida, USA
If travelling abroad is your thing, then Florida has to be the place. This is like the home of kids entertainment. With the presence of Nickelodeon, Disneyland and other fun parks, your children will thank you forever for this trip.
4. New Orleans, USA
Similar to Florida, New Orleans is one of those places where you get to feel like everybody knows everybody. They literally have parades on the streets everyday, especially between September and November when people come around. Your children will be so delighted with this trip.
5. Accra
This will be a relatively cheaper option for you if you intend travelling out of the country. Accra has a good number of beaches and amusement parks which are usually a delight for children. You should also endeavour to take them on a boat ride which you are likely to find at arms-length.
These are some great places to indulge your children in a holiday they will never forget for a long time.
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