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SHOCKING!!! 29-Year-Old Woman Claims Jay-Z Is Her Father; Shows DNA Results


May. 17, 2020

In what comes as quote shocking news, a 29-year-old American woman has come out to say that rap star, Jay-Z is her biological father. 
The woman, La’Teasha Macer revealed that all through her life, her family members have corroborated her mom's story that he rapper who is now married to Beyonce is her dad. 
Tee was born in 1990 in Cambridge, Maryland where her aunt, Terry Turner, says she introduced her mother, Lisa, to Jay-Z.
Turner claims Lisa and Jay Z used to hook up at Lisa’s sister’s house before she got pregnant and gave birth to La’Teasha Macer.
Lisa’s sister, Terry Turner, claimed in a Facebook post last week that Lisa tried to contact Jay-Z when he was with Roc-a-fella records but she was mocked by the person that answered the call.
"I know the STORY FROM start to finish, I hooked your Mother&father up YEARS ago. Jay ask me who she was when I lived on 500 side Greenwood Ave! We chilled in that Apartment so many times, we laughed, drank, smoked, played card and some more," wrote Macer's aunt about these allegations. 
"I remember when Lisa came to my house on Bradley Ave in Cambridge MD and WE Lisa & I CALLED ROCK A FELLA and we was trying to contact Jay to tell him about Teasha and the Exact words from the MAN was 'DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY WOMEN CALL HERE DAILY & and say Jay-Z they baby Daddy!!!'," she added. "MY HAND TOO GOD…so as Gloria Jean Turner would say what’s done in the dark will come too LIGHT ONE DAY!!!!! this is them DAYS."
Early this month La’Teasha created an Instagram account with the name 'jayzfirstdaughter' and has been posting several pictures, write-ups and videos saying she is Jay-Z's daughter born from an affair he had almost three decades ago.
Sharing the above photo, she wrote;
"‘Meet The Parents’
My parents Shawn and Lisa in 1990.
Then some days ago La’Teasha posted a video edit showing what she claimed was a DNA test of her relationship with Jay-Z. 
Jay-Z is yet to react to Macer's allegations. 
Watch her speak below;
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