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Apple Shows Off Durability Of iPhone 11 By Throwing Cake & Food In Latest Ad


Sept. 16, 2019

Apple is trying its best to show the world just how tough the iPhone is. In order to demonstrate the strength of Apple’s brand new iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max, equipped with triple camera, Apple has come up with an ad showing the iPhones surviving impossible obstacles.
In one of the ads, the iPhone stands while it is pelted by a whole drawer of vegetables including broccoli, red butter lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and many more. Random household items such as rubber duckies are also hurled at it. Even a strong storm resembling a hurricane does not succeed in bringing the phone down. Even a 10-ton wedding cake was dropped on the device.
In another ad emphasizing on the power of the triple camera, a dog is photographed in multiple angles, with fur blowing in the wind like a model.
The device comes with a triple 12-megapixel setup, along with a brither True Tone flash and a 120-degree angle lens that allows users to photograph a wider field of vision, according to Digital Trends .
The invincibility of the latest iPhone can only be truly tested by its users, and the reviews will determine if they are worth the hype.
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