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Married Men Explain How True Love Changes Over Time

Aba Brew

July. 16, 2020

True love is when you love your significant other despite all odds. It’s a feeling that doesn’t change over time but rather grows stronger. Men express how true love changed in their marriage but still are willing to go the extra mile for their spouse.
Here's what married men on Reddit had to say about how true love between a husband and wife changes during marriage. 
1. Sometimes, you just the jackpot. 
"Yes I am. She's my best friend and partner. I got lucky I guess." – MIKE, 38 
2. Communication is the key.
"I'm 32, been with her for 16 years now with a 13 month old. I love her more then ever. Communication is key to a lasting relationship." – PAUL, 32
3. It doesn't get much better than this!
"We've been married for almost fourteen years by now. She's still an amazing person and I'm very much still in love with her." – JACOB, 40
4. It helps when you're "partners in crime."
"I'll be married 20 years next month. Madly in love for sure. We take on the world together." – KEN, 49
5. It's not as wild, but it's much more deep.
"I mean, my wife and I have been together for decades at this point, so the honeymoon period has long since passed. So I wouldn't really say 'madly in love'. But I do love her very deeply. We've both through so much together." – RICHARD, 50
6. She's in his corner.
"Yes, I still love my wife with all my heart. I don't love her the same way I did when we were in the honeymoon phase because our relationship now is different, but I still love her just as much. I love her because she's my best friend. I like spending time with her. She's fun to be around. She makes me laugh. She knows my moods, what I need, and is there to love and support me 100% of the time." – SAM, 38
7. Couples that can hang together, stay together.
"Yep. My wife is my best friend. We spend most of our free time together, love to just hang out, frequently go out on dates, see eye to eye on most issues, and enjoy most of the same leisure time activities. We are celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary on Sunday — have been together for about 21 years, and I wouldn't change any of it for the world." – COLBY, 42
8. It's just the best.
"Yes, she is my best friend and I am still madly in love with her. It’s wonderful having someone who is your constant companion and looks out for your best interests." – TONY, 37
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