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Find Out Why Anne Waiguru Could Be Headed For A Mental Check Up Any Minute!-She Has Lost It Folks

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Sept. 15, 2019

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has found herself in trouble over her recent remarks that Kenya cannot take another Kikuyu or Kalenjin person for a President.
Speaking earlier in the week, the county boss who has been of the opinion that the nation needs Raila Odinga s presidency urged Kenyans to look elsewhere.
The remarks have irked a section of her fellow Jubilee Party members, among them former Makadara MP Benson Mutura, who has faulted her.
Speaking on Saturday, Mutura said it is unfortunate for the governor to engage herself in such, which he termed as alarming, questioning her mental stability.
We should criticize politicians making tribal remarks. Waiguru should go back to the doctor who suggested lighter duties for her to check if her brain is all right (Tunafaa kukemea viongozi wanaoogea mambo ya ukabila. Na huyu Waiguru, yule daktari aliyemwambia anahitaji lighter duties arudi aangalie kama ubongo wake uko sawa), he said.
He was referring to Waiguru s resignation excuse after she was implicated in the NYS scandal, then the Devolution Cabinet Secretary.
He also cautioned the county boss against purporting to be speaking for the Kikuyu community in her remarks, noting that nobody has appointed her as Mt Kenya s spokesperson.
Who has sent her to make these remarks, since it s not us? (Anaposema haya mambo nani amemtuma? Maana sisi hatujamtuma), he added.
Waiguru who has since fallen out with Deputy President William Ruto, who is also eyeing the Mt Kenya vote, is on record saying that the region is ready to embrace Raila, who has never enjoyed the Mt Kenya backing in his four previous futile presidential bids.
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