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Why Leadership Inheritance Is A Reality In Kenyan Politics


Sept. 10, 2019

A keen study on the Kenyan politics today reveals that inheritance of leadership is real. Most of the current leaders include those who took over from their close family relatives. Despite the fact that the country is fighting for democracy and elections are carried out to choose leaders, these leaders whose name was made big by their fathers, are still elected.
To start with, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta is the son of the first President of this country. Having served as a president until his death, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta set a good legacy and a favourable base that benefited his son to be the fourth President of Kenya.
Raila Amollo Odinga had his father, Jaramogi Oginga, who as well is well known. The presence and the participation of Oginga towards attaining Independence is fundamental for his fame. It's clear Raila took after him and he has stood for the opposition for years now.
The second President of Kenya's son, Gideon Moi, took over in the parliamentary post where his father started. The Baringo Central constituency has, therefore been in the hands of Moi family since 1955 to 2007. Either, Gideon's current senatorial position was favoured by his father's big name.
Musalia Mudavadi, the seventh vice president of Kenya, come into the politics arena by inheriting the Sabatia parliamentary seat from his father, Moses Mudamba Mudavadi. Since then he has grown politically and once he served as the deputy prime minister of Kenya, under Raila as the prime minister.
Eugene Wamalwa, the Water Cabinet secretary is also in the list. He clinched the Saboti seat after the death of his elder brother, Michael Kijana Wamalwa. Mutula Kilonzo Junior is one of the most recent examples.
Following the death of Kitui West MP, Francis Nyenze, his wife, Edith Nyenze has already been nominated to participate in the by-election of the constituency. With the ticket of Wiper, her late husband's party, Edith is almost sure she will clinch the seat.
Predictably, the future leaders of this country can be seen from far with this trend. This makes it harder for one to clinch a political post, from no where, despite the fact that elections are carried out.
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