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SHOCKING: This Celeb Has A Reputation For Treating Pets Horribly!

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Aug. 04, 2020

Besides cranking out hit songs, rapper Tyga is also known for shrugging off his bills, including outstanding leases totaling more than 127-thousand dollars, according to TMZ. But those bills aren't the only things allegedly being neglected. The "Rack City" rapper has also been accused of treating his pets terribly.
source: youtube
Back in 2015, while he was still dating reality star Kylie Jenner, the couple debuted a high-end puppy. According to Jenner's Snapchat, the Merle English Bulldog, which the couple named Rolly, had a price tag of $50,000.
The tri-color wrinkly faced cutie was immediately welcomed into the Kardashian-Jenner clan. It was even spotted snuggling underneath the covers with models Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne, according to a photo posted to Delevingne's Instagram. It appeared that Rolly had won everyone's hearts, but just as quickly as the dog made its social media debut, Rolly seemed to suddenly fade from every video, post, and tweet.
Tyga and Jenner broke up for the final time in April 2017, but it appears they didn't have to fight over who would keep adorable little Rolly. The poor pooch had allegedly vanished from their lives prior to their split. Glamour magazine even commented on the pet's absence from the public eye in a September 2016 article, writing:
source: youtube
"Long story short, KyKy hasn't posted a photo or video of Rolly in forever, and it's giving us the night sweats." We're not sure what happened to Rolly, but we do know that Tyga has a reputation for neglecting his furry friends. Exhibit A: His pet tiger!
According to the New York Daily News, back in 2014, Tyga reportedly wanted a big cat, so he reached out to Nicholas Lee Bishop, aka YouTube's "Nick the Wrangler." Bishop told investigators he "used a fake name and falsified documents" to purchase a Bengal tiger cub "at the request of Tyga."
Bishop reportedly told investigators that the rapper soon grew afraid that he was going to get caught with the illegal animal, so Tyga reportedly asked a friend to keep the cat at their Ventura, California home. After neighbors reported to law enforcement that the tiger briefly escaped from the house, Bishop said the animal was transported to a home in Piru, California, and that's where law enforcement found the poor animal "confined to a dog crate in a backyard shed."
source: youtube
According to court documents, Bishop later changed his story, claiming that he, quote, "had already been looking for a tiger, and that after he purchased one to keep as a pet, Tyga contacted him and offered him $30,000 to keep the tiger at Tyga's house for several weeks." The rapper claimed in May 2014 that he had no knowledge about the animal, but a series of since-deleted social media posts reportedly tipped off the authorities. Bishop was arrested in 2017 on "federal charges he was involved in the illegal sale and transportation" of the tiger.
Sources told TMZ that after being questioned about the animal, Tyga allegedly admitted that he had turned the tiger over to a shelter. Law enforcement officials reportedly located the tiger at the shelter and "transferred it to a state facility for safekeeping" as the investigation continued. Insiders close to the situation told TMZ that Tyga supposedly took good care of his exotic pet while it was under his care and allegedly had no clue he was doing anything illegal by owning it. But that doesn't mean the rapper is off the hook.
According to TMZ, Tyga has been a, quote, "deadbeat dad" to his tiger cub. The Lions, Tigers & Bears rescue center in California that cares for the cat — now known as Maverick — told the tab in 2016 that Tyga hadn't even attempted to financially support the tiger. Expenses were reportedly racking up, including a grocery budget of about $10,000 a year, plus "vet costs, flea control and general maintenance."
source: youtube
Though this scandal suggests Tyga isn't great to his pets, it's important to note that he has not been charged with any crimes related to these circumstances as of the making of this video. Watch the video to see why this celeb has a reputation for treating pets horribly. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 
Watch the full video here: 
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