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I'm Ready To Offer A stranger S3x After Supporting Me Financially – Is It The Best

Phil Opt

Aug. 03, 2020

Lizzy I the only daughter of her parents, however, after losing her dad, the relatives took everything away from her mum. At the moment, she isn’t feeling well and Lizzy herself doesn’t have any form of work doing. 
In need of assistance, she met a stranger on Facebook who mostly sends her money and so far asked for her pictures. But Lizzy feels he might soon ask for more which she is ready to offer, she narrated;
I met him on Facebook and was the one who sent him a message. After waiting for his response, I went ahead to ask for his assistance because I was stranded in town by then.
Surprisingly, he sent me the money without asking further questions. Since then, I have been chatting with him and asking him for financial support and he hasn’t stopped doing it.
I am happy he hasn’t asked so many questions but at the same time, fear he might ask more than just my identity.
Some time ago he asked me to give him more details about myself which I did and sent him some pictures as well. I also told him where I was and who I was with but he hasn’t asked further details till date.
After telling my mother about what this stranger is doing, she warned me to be careful since I don’t really know him well.
She also warned me that I should walk away the moment he demands anything else, especially s3x. I actually got a bit scared, but I’m thinking of giving it to him as a thank you.
He has done a lot for me, more than what some relatives have even done, offering him s3x as a thank you should be better than anything else.
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