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You Can Get A Private Jet For Cheaper Than A Ryanair Flight

Michael kalawa

Sept. 11, 2019

Sometimes when you're booking a holiday on a budget, you might think opting for a low cost airline airline is the only option.
But don't just book the cheapest flight on a whim, because it turns out sometimes you could get yourself a private jet for less than even the cheapest airline. Yep, really.
Luxury travel experts Michele Robson and Paul Kholsa did just this.
While they originally found Ryanair flights from London to Palma at £269 each, they then discovered they could charter their own private jet from Luxembourg to Dusseldorf for £19 less.
Amazingly, the jet came in at just £250 each on flight search tool ITS Matrix, which is utilised by Google for their flights system.
Sharing their travel tips on their website, Turning Left For Less , Paul included screenshots of the flight prices to prove it was all legit.
The lavish flights included business class lounge access before boarding, and a VIP trip to the jet by bus, where they were offered the opportunity to view the plane on the tarmac before boarding.
Speaking to Mail Online, Michele said: "We felt like celebrities as the pilots personally welcomed us onboard the sleek aircraft."
While the duo have flown business class before, they added that the private jet was "something else".
"It felt like we had only ever been on a bus and were now travelling in a Porsche!" Michele added.
The pair were even able to watch the takeoff through the cockpit, describing the experience as "stunning".
Plus, they were offered drinks and snacks on board, and allowed to chat to the pilots during the flight as they flew them to their destination.
The pair booked British Airways flights to Luxembourg and back from Dusseldorf with their Avios air miles, which would have cost equivalent to £118 return otherwise.
You can definitely catch us on a private jet from now on.
This is how you should do it
If you want to follow in the pair's footsteps, you should head to the ITA Matrix , which shows the best deals available on all planes including the more swanky private jets.
This website helps hunt out the best promotional offers, which can then be booked through the flight company's own website.
Simply compare the deals you find with the cheapest similar budget airline deals on offer and see if you can get yourself a bargain.
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