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POLL: Have You Ever Thought Of Committing Suicide Before Or Thinking About it?


Sept. 10, 2019

Photo Credit: Policy Lab
Suicide is basically killing oneself or doing something to terminate one's life. It is considered a criminal offense in most African countries which to me is kinda ironic, but that's not our focus. 
We wanna ask you, have you ever considered committing suicide? it might sound like a weird question but before you judge understand why I asked this question.
Photo Credit: CGTN
Today is known as the World Suicide Prevention Day 2019 and we seek to raise awareness about suicide and how preventable it is.
So we are asking you, the reader who is reading this right now, “Have You Ever Thought Of Committing Suicide Before Or Thinking About It” and what we seek to achieve is this; if you have and you got over this negative thought, please share with us in the comments section why you had the suicidal thought and how you overcame it ( obviously you did if not you’d not be reading this article. LOL).
Also if you’re considering it right now please we would like you to seek help immediately but we want you to learn also from the stories of others in the comment section and realize that whatever the situation is Suicide is never the answer, it's you just transferring the pain to someone else usually loved ones.
Photo Credit: Radio DUT
So let’s get talking, what was that situation that got you to the point of thinking about suicide and how did you get over it. Let us discuss in the comment section, you just might be saving the next suicide victim.
Also, make sure to like and share this article to help others too.
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