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Nakuru-Naivasha highway closed after truck spills oil

Ari more

Aug. 12, 2019

Motorists in Nakuru were caught up in heavy traffic on Sunday as police cordoned off a section of the Nakuru-Naivasha busy highway after oil spilled from a truck ferrying the commodity.
The police temporarily closed the Nakuru-Nairobi Highway near Stem Hotel in Nakuru for three hours to clear the spillage.
“We swung into action immediately the matter was reported and cordoned off the area to prevent people from scooping oil,” Nakuru East boss Elena Kabukuru said.
The law enforcers had a hectic time keeping a growing crowd at bay that was determined to siphon the petrol.
“We had closed the Nakuru- Naivasha highway at Stem near pipeline area after a fuel tanker developed a spillage. We managed to contain the situation and nobody managed to scoop even a litre of the petrol,” Kabukuru said.
"We established an alternative route for commuters along the busy highway. We immediately deployed police and experts to control and contain the situation,"
She warned residents against siphoning the fuel to avoid massacre like the one that was witnessed in Tanzania on Saturday, where more than 65 people died.
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