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Sad!!! Popular Kumawood Actor Longface now cripple and bedridden over a strange disease

Adam Zoulkarneni

Sept. 24, 2020

Information reaching us indicated that Popular Kumawood Actor Longface is currently crippled and unable to walk. Speaking in an interview, the actor revealed that he was told by a priest that Juju is at work and that someone in the movie industry is working against him.
According to his narration, he collapsed at an event he went with his friends last Saturday evening. He claim when he got there, the MC for the show was boring so his friends advised him to go and take the microphone and make the place lively since he was good at it.
Initially he resisted but he later went for the mic after pressure from him friends to so his do his thing. After a couple of minutes, he collapsed and was rushed to a herbalist, since then he hasn’t been able to walk on his feet and has been on traditional methods to cure his sickness
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