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5 Legal Ways To Make Money Using Your Body!


Aug. 14, 2020

You have probably thought about how to earn extra money without having to prostitute yourself, traffic drugs or sell your kidney on the black market. Extra money is always welcome. When you're tight then, it's more than welcome. That is why Fatos, who always talks to you about money, will draw your attention today to the possibilities of raising money using your body without having to do legwork or traffic your organs.
When dealing with extra money in a conventional way, we can think of a thousand ideas. Some as an example: Walking dogs, taking care of the elderly, washing and / or ironing clothes, making a garage sale etc. But there are other ways to get more money using only the biological resources that nature has given you.
Check out the ideas that we have to give. Be careful if you are going to join any of them and leave at the end your suggestions on how to raise money using your fluids and tissues.
1- Sell your hair
Natural hair is widely sought after by artisans, hairdressers and wig makers. The value will depend on the length, color, texture etc. But you can get around 1500 reais just by cutting your hair. Those who buy hair are looking for a more qualified material. Yarns in good condition, long, straight and virgin, that is, that has never been dyed or straightened, are worth more in the market.
2- Sell advertising space
In Tanabi, São Paulo, Edson appeared appeared Borim, 39 years old. Edson was unemployed and decided to make money in an unusual way. He tattoos advertisements on his body and this is his main breadwinner today. Known in the city as Homem Outdoor, Edson now intends to get a big advertiser who will pay him to tattoo his logo on his forehead.
3- Drug tests
Pharmaceutical Sciences institutes conduct tests to compare the shares of similar drugs on the market. The laboratories request the tests to compare the effects of a generic drug, the one whose name is the active ingredient of the drug, with the reference ones, those whose name is a brand. The amount of the incentive paid by the ICF's varies according to the number of blood samples collected for analysis.
4- Display yourself on the internet
If you play the keywords "exhibitionism site" on a search engine, there will be numerous pages on which you can register to show yourself to web surfers. The sites are the intermediary between you and the users. Some work in the form in which Internet users pay directly to the owner of the profile. Other sites offer subscriptions to users and negotiate payments with exhibitionists. And look, there are all kinds of categories. It doesn't have to be a specific beauty.
5- Sale of eggs and semen
However, some people register on North American websites, where this type of trade is unrestricted and there is a great demand for these biological materials. The lawyer William Santos, points out that this scheme turns human reproduction into another consumption relationship and warns of the risk of not performing medical procedures properly.
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