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The 7 Stages Of Emotional Affairs

Aba Brew

July. 15, 2020

 When your partner cheats on you sexually, it’s devastating, it’s heart-breaking and you’re not sure if you can ever trust them again. However, when they form an emotional connection with another person, is that harder to overcome?
Personally, I think so, yes.
When emotions become involved, the entire connection becomes stronger and harder to overcome. You start to wonder what you didn’t give to your partner for them to turn to someone else. And then, you start to question whether they loved you in the first place. Is it possible to be emotionally attached in that way to more than one person?
Learning the stages of emotional affairs can help you to avoid potential problems and put right issues before they turn into something which cannot be overcome in your relationship.
7 stages of emotional affairs to look out for
Stage 1 – They feel unappreciated or not good enough
The first stage is usually the one where the partner feels somehow unappreciated in the relationship, or they feel like they’re not playing their part or providing as much as they should.
This inadequacy can cause problems to crop up and it can cause them to turn on their partner, perhaps with resentment starting to boil to the surface.
Stage 2 – The s3x had gone out of the relationship
One of the main stages of emotional affairs is that one partner felt that they weren’t getting enough s3x within the relationship and they felt deprived. As a result, they went looking for it somewhere else unfortunately but that led them towards an emotional connection at the same time, or instead.
Stage 3 – You start to feel like best friends rather than romantic partners
Another of the main stages of emotional affairs is when the romance goes out of the relationship and you’re left just co-existing. Try date nights, try spicing things up, just remember that you’re supposed to be connected on a deeper level.
Stage 4 – One partner is too busy for the other one
Without a doubt, one of the strongest stages of emotional affairs is when a partner wants to talk, perhaps they’re going through a hard time, but they can’t find that support from their partner. They seek this support from another person, albeit completely innocently at first, but an emotional connection is formed.
Stage 5 – One partner is demanding too much of the other
It’s vital that you check in with each other occasionally and make time to talk. Avoid placing unnecessary demands on your partner and instead, work towards achieving things together.
The problem here is that if someone is already in the middle of an emotional affair, this type of behavior is just going to push them towards the other person even more. They start to feel like it’s not worth it anymore, that they’re getting more understanding from the other person.
Stage 6 – The guilt kicks in
When looking at the stages of emotional affairs, by this point it’s likely that the other partner has a suspicion that something isn’t quite right. This may lead them towards ultimatums or trying to keep their partner with offers of s3x or being clingy.
The partner having the affair feels guilty and this eats away at them, which leads them towards more arguments. It’s a vicious circle that unfortunately only ends in tears.
Stage 7 – Breaking point
The final stage is the point when either the partner breaks things off with the person they’ve been seeing and decides to dedicate themselves to their relationship, or they decide to leave completely. The problem is, at this stage, the damage has often been done and the road back is extremely long. Can you ever trust your partner again? Can they forgive themselves? You might both wonder whether the entire situation might repeat itself in the future.
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