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REVEALED: "I Don't Have A Womb" - Nana Yaa Brefo!!

Samuel Arthur

Jun. 29, 2020

Famous broadcaster, Nana Yaa Brefo has revealed how she had to live her life for 13 years without a womb.
During the disclosure of this information, Anopa Bofo) on Angel 102.9FM hosted by Captain Smart, the woman said she stands no chance of giving birth.
The female celebrity attributed this to medical negligence in Ghanaian hospitals.
The director of the Ghana Institute of Languages, Dr. Emmanuel Kuto, who lost his wife at the Greater Accra Regional hospital (GARH), Ridge Hospital, was the first guest to make comments on this issue of medical negligence.
He disclosed of how the doctors gave his wife a wrong medication which led to her death.
“Do you know that as I sit here, I am like you, there is no difference between you the man and me sitting here. What makes me a woman is missing, I have no womb…yes, I have had to live without a womb for 13 years…,” she revealed on the show.
The host, upon hearing this, could not hold back his tears. “I almost died at the time…I got to a time that I found it difficult to even walk, I lost that baby because of this negligence and I stayed in the hospital just to take care of the baby I lost.
“I also died on the surgery table and my womb had to be taken that day otherwise I would have died that day…,” she added.
Nana Yaa further revealed that she had to wear a catheter since then.
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