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My mom just lost a long battle with cancer about two months ago. She and my dad never got along, and now my dad wants to get rid of every trace of ......

Willy mtula

Feb. 13, 2020

When my mom was alive, she and my dad did not get along at all. They constantly told each other that they did not love the other. The screamed a lot. There were talks of getting divorced, but they claimed to stay together for me, and said they would wait until I turn 18. And then my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was really scared, but I hoped they would get along, but they still didn’t. They fought up until the day she died.
I’m heart broken over my mom’s death. I miss her so much, but my dad couldn’t care less. He’s happy that she’s gone and that he’s free.
Ever since my mom got sick, we’ve been struggling financially. My mom was a well paid nurse, my dad teaches high school English. She obviously earned more than him. But we still have to pay for her hospital bills, plus the house and other bills, difficult on a teacher’s salary.
I saw my dad going through some of my mom’s stuff the other day. I wanted to go through it with him and reminisce, but he was just looking for things to sell, like her jewelry and purses and clothes. I told him not to sell them, that I want to keep them, but he said that he needs the money. He’s also taken down a lot of her pictures, rearranged their room, everything is different.
It really hurts having to carry this sadness on my own. I wish I had my dad to lean on. But more than that, I just can’t look at my dad the same way. I knew he and my mom didn’t get along, but I can’t imagine actually being happy that someone died of cancer, and then try to erase them from our life. I don’t know if I should even continue having a relationship with him, it makes me so upset. Btw, I’m 15, so I’m stuck living with him until I’m 18, but I don’t even know what to do until then.
TL;DR: My mom died and my dad couldn’t care less. He seems almost happy that she’s gone. It makes me sick and I don’t want a relationship with him because of it.
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