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My [29F] boyfriend [30M] always leaves to play video games with friends after he’s made plans to spend time with me?


Feb. 09, 2020

This has happened so many times now, he says he will ‘spend the whole day with’ me and then ends up leaving half way though to go to see his friends.
Last week we had been away for me to get treatment and the moment we got off the plane (at approx. 8pm) he was like ‘I’m not coming in, I’ll just drop you off at the house because I’m going out’.
And then today, when I’ve been ill all week and not really able to move around, never mind go out anywhere he says yesterday we’re spending today together... But then this morning, ‘oh, well, I’m going out later?’
This happens pretty much every other week.
When I tell him I’m upset and it’s not fair for him to make plans with me and then change them he calls me ‘desperate’ and ‘ridiculous’ for being upset? It really feels like he can’t bare spending extended amounts of times with me?
We’ve been together for 3 years and live together. He hardly gets paid so I’m pretty much paying for him to live here and all he seems to want to do is go to his friends houses and play video games.
TL;DR Boyfriend of 3 years always leaves to see his mates even thought he’s made plans with me.
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