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My (17M) dad (40sM) has a fish tank addiction and it’s tearing our family apart

Thadee Habana

Feb. 09, 2020

My parents are divorced, but I stay with my dad every other week. He’s remarried and has a stepchild, and it’s really hard on them because all he talks about are fish and he keeps spending money on his addiction. It’s gotten to the point that you can’t use half of the living room.
It started out small with him getting a single fish tank in 2014, but the last year things have escalated. Since December he has bought four fish tanks. He’s spent $2,000 since the summer on his fish. The house is small and there’s a limited amount of space to walk around in depending on which side of the house you are on. He’s considering building an addition onto the house next year because it’s too crowded and filling the room with fish. My step mom is upset and begs him to stop using their money for fish and to save it to update the appliances. How can we talk to him about this? What can we do?
TL;DR: Dad (40sM) keeps buying fish tanks and fish and only talks about his fish. His house is overcrowded with fish and he plans on building an addition to his house to put more fish in that room. How can we get him to stop and help him with his addiction?
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