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GIRLFRIEND FROM HELL! "She Slipped Drugs Into My Drink And R*ped Me!"


Nov. 29, 2019

Lads? When did you first realize that women were CRAZY crazy?
This is the question on Twitter that sort of opened a pandora's box of relationship horrors. But the one which takes the cake has to be the encounter of this Nigerian man and his obsessed ex-girlfriend.
Replying to the question, @Absnthe__ pictured above wrote:"When my ex overdosed on crack and passed out n*ked on my bed while she was begging me to sleep with her,  when she woke up she threatened to jump off a 3 story building if I didn’t take her back,the next week she met me at a mutuals house and attacked me with 3 of her friends then she tracked down the new girl I was dating at the time and attacked her with a knife, stalked me till I stopped sleeping at my house. And then at a mutual friends party she slipped drugs into my drink and r*ped me."
photo credit: tumblr.com
Many were clearly left in shock after this.
What about you? Have you had a crazy ex-girlfriend encounter?
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