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Kevin Owens Moved To WWE.com's Alumni Section


Sept. 17, 2019

One week after being 'fired' by Shane McMahon, WWE has moved Kevin Owens to the alumni section of its website.
Kevin Owens is no stranger to a little bit of on-screen controversy. The Prizefighter has basically been butting heads with WWE 's big guns ever since he arrived in the company. His first main roster rivalry was with John Cena , during which KO was still NXT Champion. Since then he has beaten up Vince McMahon and has an ongoing thing with Shane McMahon .
His angle with Shane O Mac culminated in KO getting 'fired' at the end of last week's SmackDown . McMahon recruited Owens to be the special guest referee for his match, with the promise that he would rescind KO's hefty fine if he did his job properly. Since McMahon wound up losing the match, he deemed that a proper job had not been done and fired the former Universal Champion.
This is all part of an angle, of course, but Owens has shown before that he loves to go all-in with this type of thing. Previously, when he quit as part of a storyline, Owens altered his Twitter, even changing his name back to the one he used on the independent circuit. This time, WWE is leaning into the angle and has altered KO's status on WWE.com.
via WWE
Owens has been moved from the SmackDown roster and placed on the site's alumni section, as was highlighted by Ringside News . While we all know KO hasn't really been fired, we do enjoy when all parties involved try to make things feel as real as possible. Now what we really want to see is Owens get moved to the NXT roster on the site, although that would kind of ruin the potential surprise.
We're honestly not sure what turn this angle between McMahon and Owens will take next. Perhaps KO will be on SmackDown tonight in some way, or as we mentioned, he could show up during NXT 's live debut on USA tomorrow night. We also haven't ruled out KO and Shane O stepping inside Hell In A Cell together next month.
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